Ayla: Designing a Feminist Chatbot         
Creative Computing Institute, UAL

︎ feminist design processes ︎ conversation design ︎ coding ︎ chatbot ︎ online harassment ︎ visual identity

The Creative Computing Institute (CCI) is a part of UAL that combines creativity and technology. Topics include machine learning and AI alongside critical thinking about how society is being shaped and defined through human computer interaction and social platforms. This week long intensive course was delivered by the Feminist Internet and held at Camberwell College of Arts in the CCI department. 

This short course gave participants an introduction to feminist design processes and how they can help tackle social inequalities. We learnt the basics of conversation design and collaborative coding to produce a chatbot that addresses online harassment. We had multiple expert lecturers delivering the subject matter and technical processes. The final day involved presenting our finalised chatbot to the group and receiving feedback. 

Ayla was created in collaboration with Ipek 

I produced a daily ‘what I learnt’ visualisation, created the visual identity, logo and final presentation and coded the chatbot using the platform Glitch.