Design with Data & Interactive Machine Learning          
Creative Computing Institute, UAL

︎ AI ︎ machine learning ︎ design sprint ︎ prototyping ︎ story-boarding ︎ idea development ︎ collaboration

The Creative Computing Institute (CCI) is a part of UAL that combines creativity and technology. Topics include machine learning and AI alongside critical thinking about how society is being shaped and defined through human computer interaction and social platforms. This week long intensive course was delivered by Francisco Bernardo and was held at London College of Communication in the Creative Technology Lab. 

This short course aimed to introduce participants to creative AI and Machine Learning (ML) for design. We built simple ML pipelines and used different sensors such as Wekinator and also experimented with Arduino and BITalino. The week culminated with a two day Design Sprint testing ideas and prototyping them in teams. This followed the process of map, sketch, decide, story-board, prototype and test. This process is used in many start-ups, innovation projects and app/web developments.

During the Design Sprint I took on the role of story-boarding and contributed to brainstorming, idea development and facilitating group discussions.