On the Periphery: Thesis         
Design Management, UAL 
Contextual & Theoretical Studies 

︎ research ︎ writing ︎ visualisation ︎ future thinking ︎ peripheral ︎ globalisation

Design Management at London College of Communication (UAL) is the study of design, problem-solving, business and leadership, global cultures, innovation and sustainability. A large part of this course is applying design thinking to live briefs and working in collaborative, multidisciplinary teams.

Thesis title: ‘On the periphery: how have London’s edgeland ‘post’-industrial areas along the Thames Estuary been shaped by globalisation and what does the future hold for this region?’

This thesis was inspired by Rachel Lichtenstein’s book ‘Estuary’, Marion Shoard’s concept of ‘edgelands’ and the South Essex estuary area, which I have spent most of my life living in. I visualised this thesis as a shipping container as this is a symbol of globalisation and a common sight along the estuary. 

On the Periphery: Thesis (PDF)